Prior Back Surgeries

I am very happy to tell everyone how much Dr. Kiefat and Heartland Clinic has helped me.

I was experiencing low back pain with pain radiating down both legs. I had a back surgery in 1997, but the pain returned in 2003. I was going to pain management and having injections into my back every 6 months. The injections were not relieving my pain any longer and by 2007, I was experiencing tailbone pain with pain going into both legs, worse in the left leg. The pain was progressively getting worse until it was very severe. It affected my sitting and sleep a lot.

I was referred Dr. Kiefat by a friend who knew how much back pain I was in. Dr. Kiefat examined me and then told me straight out that he could not guarantee if he could help me or not, but that he would give it 100% effort.

I am very happy and pleased to tell everyone that after three months of treatment I am almost pain free. When I first started here I was taking pain medication around the clock with only minimum relief, but now I only take Tylenol daily.

Dr. Kiefat and his staff are very caring and were very helpful in my treatment process.

Karen Osowski

I am a 48-year-old male and have had back pain and assorted other associated pains for the past 30 years. In 1995 (10 ½ years ago) I had back surgery to remove a herniated disk. The symptoms that I had at the time from it were extreme shooting pain throughout my back and legs, and the loss of feeling, strength, and movement in my legs and feet. I also had the feeling of severe shin splints. After the surgery my back was much better as I slowly went through the recovery process and I did well for a long time. As a result of the disk being removed there are certain things that my back will not tolerate anymore such as running and walking fast.

John Winter

After a fall 10 years ago I was experiencing severe pain graded 10/10 and numbness in my low back, and shooting pain and cramps into both legs. The pain was so horrible I could not sleep at night. I went through a M.R.I. and 3 different back surgeries in hope of relieving the pain, but I experienced no relief. Not even the pain pills all the doctors gave me could take away my pain.

A few months ago I started noticing some of the same symptoms that I had prior to my back surgery (pain radiating through my right hip, shin splint feelings, lower back pain, and also this time I had aching feet). The initial visit with Dr. Kiefat showed that at the point of my surgery, my spine was curving and the vertebrae were almost touching on one side pinching the nerves.

From my first adjustment with Dr. Kiefat the pain in my hip went away and I haven’t had any pain from it or any of the other pains. I originally didn’t associate the foot pain with my back but since going through the treatment program that pain is gone as well. I couldn’t be happier with the care and treatment that I have received from everyone in the office. It has been outstanding. I feel great; no pain, I am much more limber, and the adjustments are getting my spine back into alignment.

Following care by Dr. Kiefat I no longer have the shooting pain into my legs! The numbness in my low back is gone, and I now have only one spot in my low back with pain, and I grade that at only a 2-3 out of 10. I appreciate this very much. We need Chiropractic combined with The Divine Help From Above! 

Tilford Thompson

I injured my back playing volleyball as a freshman in college. After numerous visits to different chiropractors, I was in so much pain I had one of the chiropractors set me up with a neurosurgeon. He set me up with a MRI and then physical therapy. The pain was so much, I would cry almost every day. I continued with my chiropractor and had more physical therapy; I often struggled to do the smallest things. I finally ended up having surgery for a herniated and bulging disc. The surgery helped for a while, then I noticed my SI joint tightening up again. That is when my co-workers told me about Dr. Kiefat. Ever since I started going to Dr. Kiefat my back problems have decreased and my headaches are gone! I feel a lot more comfortable doing things. I am very grateful to have found out about Dr. Kiefat and what he has done for me.

Bree Stoltman