Neck Pain / Headaches

It’s exhausting to wake up every morning with a headache. Sometimes I’d have a dull ache, sometimes a moderate throbbing and sometimes a severe stabbing pain shooting up from my shoulders to my head and behind my eyes causing white stars, or on a very bad day blindness. A headache of this caliber required a trip to the doctors office for a shot of Imitrex. At least this helped me to sleep. I worked closely with several Doctors, monitoring my diet, taking allergy shots, and taking lots and lots of pain killers. I needed so much ibuprofen, Tylenol, and sinus medication that I had to limit myself to using it only when the pain became unbearable. I don’t remember when or how the headaches started. My only memory of waking up without a headache was in November of 1989. It was amazing. I had never had the experience of being pain free. My headache returned that afternoon riding the highest lows, never to be eliminated again- until last month. My daughter convinced me to see Dr. Kiefat after she successfully abolished her headaches. It was no small feat on her part to get me to make an appointment considering the trauma I experienced in a chiropractor’s office in the past. In In spite of my reservations-or even fear- I followed through with my treatments. To my delight my treatments have not only eliminated my headaches, accompanied by fatigue and a poor disposition but I felt as if I’m standing a whole lot straighter and taller- minus the swayed back and potbelly. I feel alive! Life is beautiful! Thank you Dr. Kiefat for enriching the quality of life for me!

Pam Olson

When I began treatment at Heartland Chiropractic I had several problems. I had severe headaches nearly every day. My legs and hips hurt on a pretty constant basis, unless they were numb. And my eye doctor had diagnosed me with papillepidema, a condition in which the optic nerves are swollen (and in my case hemorrhaging) and peripheral vision loss occurs. My eye doctor wanted me to see a neurosurgeon and have a spinal tap done. Out of desperation to avoid that, I finally came to the chiropractor. Within the first week of treatment my headaches were gone and my husband said that I was happier than I had been in a long time. It was because I wasn’t in constant pain. My mother and mother-in-law also commented on how happy I seemed. My mobility increased, especially the range of motion in my neck and lower back. My legs seldom hurt or feel numb now. After my treatment was completed I returned to my eye doctor to have my eyes re-examined. He was surprised to find that much of the peripheral vision I had lost was back. My eye doctor didn’t have an explanation for this. My optic nerves looked better and my peripheral vision was better and all I had done differently was go to the chiropractor!! Needless to say I was very happy and I am very grateful for Dr. Kiefat and his treatments. I feel like a different person than I did six months ago. I thank God for the difference this has made in my life!!!

La Nisa Howard

Before coming to Heartland Clinic, I suffered from lower back and neck pain along with daily headaches. I was unable to turn my head to the side without turning my entire body. My daily breakfast always included to aleve to dull the pain. I am an elementary school teacher and to be pleasant to a classroom full of children all day with body aches and headaches isn’t easy.

After only a few treatments I began to notice huge improvements. I no longer have headaches, can skip my morning aleve doses and can sleep again without the pain in my lower back.

Kristi Seim

For the last year and a half, I have suffered from severe headaches almost daily. After seeing numerous doctors, with no results, I came to Dr. Kiefat as a last resort. After three months of treatments, I am very happy to say that I am pain free! There are no words to say how very grateful I am to Dr. Kiefat, for all he has done for me. He is truly an exceptional person.

Jody Dregseth

Before I started receiving treatment at Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic I can not remember my life without a headache. It had gotten to the point that not even taking medication would help, so I had learned to just live with headaches.

My friend recommended me to have chiropractic care. I started treatments for different reasons other than my headaches alone.

From the first visit to Dr. Kiefat, I, for the first time felt a relief of pressure from my headaches. I am now 90% free of them and I sleep 100% better at night. I am able to stand with my eyes closed and head bowed without losing my balance. My only regret is not receiving treatment sooner. Not having to constantly take medication is a huge relief. I’ve learned that you do not have to live with pain. The pain is your body telling you that something is wrong or out of place.

Regina Kerstiens

I read about Dr. Kiefat’s practice in the Grand Forks Herald. For about 10 years I’d had been suffering with headaches everyday and every night. It was affecting my life style as I wasn’t pleasant around my family. I took Dr. Kiefat up on his offer and I’m so happy I did. My headaches are gone and I now feel more happy and outgoing.

Thank you Dr. Kiefat and office staff!

Grace G.

To Dr. Kiefat and staff,

Thank you so much for the incredible improvement I have seen in my migraine headaches. I have had migraines for 15 to 20 years at varying degrees. They had progressed to be much worse over the last 5 years, to a point where I was getting them almost daily.

I had worked with the medical community prior, to try to stabilize my headaches. Their answer was to try different medications, some of which make you wonder if you want to take them. When you read a label that warns that it might cause stroke or heart attack, you have to wonder is the headache really that bad. Some of the medications did actually help to curb the headaches, but with the risk of side effects, I thought there had to be a better way.

My wife had good experience with chiropractic treatments for her problems and suggested that I try it for my migraines. I had tried chiropractic in the past, usually it was just go in, get cracked and then out of there. Usually only in the area that I was complaining about pain. This was different when I came to Heartland Clinic. Immediately from the start I could see things would be different. I was brought in and x-rayed and given a personal chart to show where my problem areas were. Already this was much different than I was used to. I was a bit skeptical that chiropractic could really help with headaches but it was better than the alternative of taking medication.

After my initial program was completed of 21 visits, I could already feel the difference. Not only in movement of my neck and back, but also in the degree of headaches. Now after having adjustments each month for over a year and a half, my headaches though not completely gone are remarkably improved. I seldom have a knockdown migraine; my headaches are now more tension headaches mostly from sitting and staring at a computer screen for most of the days. Even these headaches are only a few times at most each month now.

For me, I must have an adjustment at least once per month. Any longer than that, I can feel the tightening in my neck and an increase in my headaches. I have found that preventive maintenance just like for the car is also for the body. Thank you for the personal touch that you give to each and every person that comes through the door. I have never felt rushed when I have come to visit and I appreciate you taking the time to just talk a little about how things are going prior to an adjustment, a nice personal touch!

Bill Galumbus

For years I have suffered from upper back and neck pain. The pain became so severe that I could not even be touched on my upper back or neck areas. Six months prior to being treated by Dr. Kiefat, the pain had progressed into my shoulder, and eventually I started to drop things I was holding in my hands.

After seeing Dr. Kiefat, I have almost total relief from the pain in my neck, upper back and shoulder. Not only am I not dropping things anymore, but also Dr. Kiefat made my condition better without the aid of prescription drugs.

Lee Marifjeren

On September 27th, 2003 was the start of many problems. I would get terrible spasms in the back of my neck and head motion sickness and an earache that felt like and infection. My family doctor told me I would have to quit my job (which at the time I was driving potato truck) and to make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist and also to get my eyes checked. So I did, to his knowledge he could find nothing and told me to watch my caffeine, chocolate and sugars. Also sent me to another specialist that specialized in TMJ. He too said this has nothing to do with any of my symptoms, but did advise me to chew softer foods and to do some exercises for the jaw. In the meantime, I went to 3 chiropractors and again could not find what was causing this. There were many days and nights of sorrow, pain, frustration and hopelessness.

After giving up all hope, I read the Grand Forks Herald and read the article about Dr. Kiefat. I thought what do I have to lose if I go for an exam and x-ray for $20! I called right away, since this special was only running for a while. Alisha was so helpful in getting me an appointment as soon as possible and explained to me all the other details. So I went through the procedures and Dr. Kiefat told me it was my 1st and 2nd vertebras that were causing most of my symptoms. After a few adjustments my motion calmed down, my ear quit hurting and I started to feel myself again. Alisha and Dr. Kiefat were so helpful and encouraging. I was so excited to go to Heartland Clinic because I knew now that there was hope and I was going to get better. I can now do all the things that I enjoy doing again, including a full time job.

Thank you Dr. Kiefat for all your patience, knowledge, faith and for making me a miracle believer. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.

Shirley Gustafson

After multiple head and neck injuries that I suffered years ago due to soccer, I had developed pain and a “cracking” sound in my neck. That pain eventually progress into very frequent headaches that started in my neck and would then go into the back of my head. The only way I could get relief from my headaches was to go to sleep.

In the time I have been following Dr. Kiefat’s health plan my headaches have gone away completely! My neck pain has also decreased greatly, and the “cracking” sound has diminished. I am steadily gaining my health and life back, pain free!

Danielle Jessen

When I first came to see Dr. Kiefat, I had back and neck pain for over 2 years. I couldn’t sleep very well and it was hard to do certain activities that I like to do. After treatments, I now sleep better and feel better. The curve in my spine has now improved. My neck is also getting back to where it should be. I’m glad I started coming to the Heartland Clinic and I will recommend Dr. Kiefat to anyone who needs Chiropractic help.

Mike Mulligan

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis, so I have a lot of daily aches and pains along with muscle soreness. I went to Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic to receive treatment from Dr. Kiefat in hope of relieving some of these symptoms. I am happy with the results so far! My posture has improved and my sore neck feels better than it has in a long time. I also have had less low back pain. I hope to continue seeing improvements as I follow Dr. Kiefat’s counsel. Thank you!

Marcia Schmitt