Back Pain / Low Back Pain

After having a car accident in January 2003, I was treated for soft tissue, nerve damage, and separated ribs in my chest. I was treated by 10 different doctors including physical therapists, massage therapists, an acupuncturist and other chiropractors; along with being prescribed painkiller and muscle relaxers. By a the time I moved to Minnesota in March 2004, I had been forced to give up hiking, horseback riding, and running. I also had reduced my workweek by 15 hours because of the pain. I was suffering from constant headaches and was taking the prescribed pain pills 4-5 times per week. I was told by at least three different doctors that I had reached maximum improvement and I could expect my current condition to be permanent.

In November 2004, I started treatment at Heartland Chiropractic Clinic. Within three months, my headaches were reduced in intensity and frequency and I no longer had chronic pain in my chest. I had reduced the dependency on the prescribed pain medication to only occasional use now, after eight months of treatment, I rarely experience headaches and have increased my exercise routine from just walking to now doing Slim Training and lifting weights.

Thanks to the care I’ve received from Dr. Kiefat, I now believe that the accident will not affect me for the rest of my life. Kristina Beitlich

My name is Lillian Sundby. I am 83 years young and I’m a resident at Parkwood Place here in Grand Forks. I had been hurting all winter and from Christmas until Easter. My right side and back was aching so bad and in the mornings my leg and feat were numb and tingling. It was getting hard to walk and one day as I was walking in the lobby my leg just buckled so I got my cane out and walked with that to support myself.

I went to see my medical Dr and she thought it was my sciatic nerve that was causing the trouble and recommended taking 3 Advil a day for the pain. I didn’t improve much so one day as I sat reading the Grand Forks Herald I noticed the advertisement for chiropractic treatment by Dr. Kiefat where he offered such good deal for evaluation and x-rays on the first visit. It looked like a good deal so I called and made an appointment. It was the smartest move I’ve ever made because after the second treatment I felt so much better. The aching pain in my leg was gone and the numbness was relived so I don’t walk with a cane anymore. It also improved my mental state. All winter I felt so tired and wanted to sleep all day and I had no energy or pep. I felt so depressed. Now I wake early in the morning and feel like living again. I am so pleased and happy with the improvement. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Kiefat’s chiropractic skills to anyone that is hurting. I feel like a new woman. Lillian Sundby

Good Morning!

I can really say that it is truly a “Good Morning” after 2 years plus of not sleeping well do to my aching legs. I was constantly tossing and turning. Consequently, it takes a toll on a person’s health - physically and emotionally.

In January of this year, I had just had it and it was by no accident that I had seen Dr Kiefat’s half a page ad in the Grand Forks Herald. I made an appointment. With they x-rays, myovision and consulting with him I decided to have the treatments (Rehabilitation Chiropractic care), as I found out that I had bone spurs, on hip higher than another, lumbar dysfunction, etc. After the first treatment - the very first - I slept 7 hours straight that night and since that time I have enjoyed my sleep without any interference because of my leg pain. I don’t even have leg pain during the day. It is so nice to be able to lay in bed and no have to move about due to the discomfort of my legs. I am able to walk up and down the stairs so much better as I have regained strength in my legs due to the nerves and muscles getting mobilized again. He has also treated my right hip, which is much better.Again, the words “thank you” seem so inadequate but are very sincere. Thank you to Dr. Kiefat and his staff as they are very friendly and kind. Lorene Sateren

It started this spring with an occasional pain in my right back hip area where a pants pocket would be. It progressed to a huge muscle spasm and a stabbing pain whenever I would bend over. I had been very physically active and working out at the gym doing step aerobics and yoga and walking on a treadmill. The pain became so persistent that I had to stop yoga as the bending would cause me pain the rest of the day. I also altered the way I would bend over or avoid bending all together.

After I started the chiropractic treatment I pretty much pinpointed the cause to something that I did 10 years ago. I was putting something very heavy in the trunk of my car and for several days after that I was in a lot of pain. I did not have any treatment at the time and eventually the pain went away - until this spring.

My L5 disk is pretty much degenerated and will never come back, but the spinal misalignment which caused the pain and pressure on my nerve is greatly corrected. The joints in my lower back move freely now, as before they were as solid as a brick.

>After 2 ½ months of treatment, I am well on the way to complete relief. With continued treatments along with strengthening, I expect to be back to full activity not only soon but for the rest of my life. Cathy Altepeter

My name is Ernest Rud. I had severe lower back pain for many years. I even walked with a limp due to hip pain. After being treated by Dr. Kiefat, I do not have anymore lower back pain and I’m not walking with a limp anymore because of hip pain. I would recommend Dr. Kiefat to anyone with lower back pain. Ernest Rud

For a number of years I have had a discomfort in my lower back making it difficult to sit for any length of time. Recently, it had developed into a constant pain and stiffness. It was to the point where I was searching and questioning what I needed to do to get relief.

Recently, I saw Dr. Kiefat’s advertisement in the Grand Forks Herald and decided I would give him a “try.” After three treatments, the pain was gone. The first time since I can’t remember I am able to sit without discomfort in my lower back.

I am so thankful I gave Dr. Kiefat a “try” and am happy to recommend to anyone who has back pain to give Dr. Kiefat a “try.”Joyce McCabe

After several years of high-speed accidents, racecar bang-ups, and falls from heights, I became used to the constant pain from “old injuries”. Until, I deteriorated to not being able to sit, stand, walk, sleep, or work. After my first treatment, I had IMMEDIATE relief! That included lung congestion I had no idea that could be related. Each treatment decreases my pain to the point I feel 20 years younger. Everything is easier. I can move, I have all kinds of energy, and I am cheerful all day!!!! How foolish to have been in pain all those years!

Through excellent diagnosis, clear explanation, education, and precision adjustments, Dr. Kiefat and his friendly staff have made it a pleasurable experience. I can’t say enough! You have changed my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Benjamin Vageline

I was in so much pain before I started coming to Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic. I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down, or walk without pain. I also had Restless Leg Syndrome and I even had headaches. It was hard to do my housework and wash clothes because of constant bending and in pain. My doctor nor my physical therapist couldn’t help me. I was depressed, crabby all the time, and quit three different jobs trying to find relief. Not everyone knew the pain I was in.

Dr. Kiefat had a special on at the time and my husband coaxed me to see Dr. Kiefat. Since having treatment my pain is gone. Dr. Kiefat changed my life and I can now live a normal life again. Elaine Bye

Life for me was over as I knew it. I was not yet 40 years old, and I didn’t live a day without pain. My back hurt, my joints hurt, everything hurt! For years I had resigned to this worsening state with little hope. “You’re getting older!” I would remind myself. But did that really mean I would never do fun things again? Did it really mean in a few short years I’d be the Granny in her rocking chair- before my children were even grown? Nevertheless, I serve a very gracious God and he led me to Dr. Kiefat. After just a couple of months of treatment my pain was gone! My back is getting stronger, now that it is in better alignment. My whole body is functioning better. During this process of healing, I have learned that any alterations in my back’s alignment can cause what seems to be unrelated problems and if my back is where it should be my symptoms clear up. Because of my improvements, I am now able to exercise. In the future, I look forward to do the things I love doing! Praise the Lord; I have a new lease on life! Victoria Griffith

Before I started with Dr. Kiefat, I had back pain for 10 years. The pain was severe starting at my hips, going all the way to my neck. This pain would get to be so bad I could not sleep, stand or sit in one spot for longer than 5 minutes. After treatment by Dr. Kiefat, I am experiencing no more pain in these areas. Leon Williamson

I was having lower back pain and stiffness and also a constant nagging pain as well in my lower back. My neck always felt stiff and it was painful to turn from side to side. After having this problem for 20 years or so, I visited with a friend and she gave me Dr. Kiefat’s name and telephone number. I made an appointment and that was the best thing I have ever done. I am now able to move my neck from side to side without pain; I have no pain in my back, am able to lie down in bed without discomfort. I am able to move about now without pain. It is wonderful! I have shared my experience with many people. I cannot express how GREAT it is to have the freedom to move without any pain! Thanks To Dr. Kiefat!!!!  Dianne Ellingson