Fibromyalgia Pain

In 2000-2001 I started having pain in the right mid chest area which would later settle into my upper right abdomen. The doctors started with a cardiac workup, then did chest CAT scans and abdominal CAT scans and after numerous visits to a doctor they had no explanation for the pain. They finally said, “…well, we ruled out everything bad.” and sent me home with narcotic pain pills. Meanwhile, there were times when I hurt so bad by the end of the day I didn’t feel much like doing anything. On weekends I could only do about four hours of housework before needing pain pills.

In 2005, I started to have pain in my shoulders and arms. Some nights I couldn’t get to sleep until I took something. I was sent to a Rheumatologist and had an injection in my shoulder. It lasted about 3-4 months. He told me I had Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I am a nurse and didn’t agree with the fibromyalgia diagnosis, arthritis …maybe? All this over about 5 years or so before deciding to try chiropractic therapy. I was real discouraged, afterall if you have pain your body is telling you something or so I believed.

I called my insurance company and asked about a chiropractor who was in network with them and they referred me to Dr. Kiefat. I came in and had an evaluation. He found 3 vertebrae in my back that were fusing together. I was offered a 6 week treatment care plan. What did I have to lose. The medical side didn’t have the answer. I started the treatments. I took all of six weeks, with ups and downs, but the pain in my right side was gone and the pain in my shoulders was much much better. I could sleep without pain pills.

Today, I don’t have any pain. The strength in my arms is improving . I was a skeptic before about chiropractic therapy, but I’m a believer now. Marlene Keplin

For the last 5 years I had been experiencing pain all the way down the left side of my body. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The pain went into my shoulders, arms, and down the back of my legs. My arm and shoulder pain was so bad I had troubles dressing myself in the mornings. My neck was so sore and stiff I could hardly turn my neck to the side. I experienced pain during all activities, all the time.

After care at The Heartland Clinic and treatment from Dr. Kiefat I am able to dress myself in the mornings without trouble. The stiffness and soreness in my neck is gone and I can now turn my head from side to side like I used to be able to when I was younger. My back pain is so much better! I have experienced so much relief and am able to do activities without pain! Maxine Docken

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis, so I have a lot of daily aches and pains along with muscle soreness. I went to Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic to receive treatment from Dr. Kiefat in hope of relieving some of these symptoms. I am happy with the results so far! My posture has improved and my sore neck feels better than it has in a long time. I also have had less low back pain. I hope to continue seeing improvements as I follow Dr. Kiefat’s counsel. Thank you! Marcia Schmitt