Arm Pain / Neck Pain

I had a persistent problem with my left arm, shoulder, and numbness into my left hand since 2002. This was correctly diagnosed by a previous chiropractor as a problem with a vertebrae in my neck (C7/T1) rotating over and putting pressure on the nerve. I saw a medical doctor and a neurologist who ordered an MRI be done. Their suggestion was for me to do shoulder exercises, which did not cure my problem. The result was persistent pain in my shoulder (sometimes debilitating), and numbness and pain in my arm down to my fingers. The pain and numbness also caused me to drop things. When I first approached Dr. Kiefat about treating me after relocating to Grand Forks, I asked him to do what my other doctor had done, which was re-align that vertebrae. He refused to do it that first day, insisting that scans and x - rays were needed to fully diagnose and prescribe a treatment. He showed me the results and explained that while I was correct in identifying that region, the solution would involve more than that as a result of other issues and his desire to treat for long-term success. Since my prior treatments had only provided short-term relief, I was anxious to solve this permanently and began treatment.

Dr. Kiefat had found that one of my legs was 7mm shorter than the other which was a reason my previous treatments never took. After 4 weeks of 12 treatments, I noticed about 75% improvement. Three weeks after that he asked how my hand had been, and I was shocked to realize I had had no pain or numbness for weeks. I am pain free for the first time in years, and am confident that with exercise and periodic care, this will be permanent.

I cannot believe how much better I feel; I can move my head in complete freedom, having regained range and flexibility I did not know I had lost. My arms and back are similarly improved (in the beginning , I could not remove my shirt by lifting both arms over my head). Thanks for improving my present and future health Dr. Kiefat!

Richard Van Eck

Who would have thought that falling down the stairs was a good thing? That’s what brought me to Dr. Kiefat. My right shoulder and arm hurt to the point of tears. Previous to my fall, I was having headaches almost daily - even 4 Advil did not alleviate the pain. I would wake up with backaches and neck aches, not feeling rested. I just lived with this pain thinking it was part of getting older and caused by stress. After Dr. Kiefat’s thorough examination, he discovered several rotated vertebrate in my back, and a neck that was, to put it mildly, “messed-up” This may have been the result of a car accident I had almost 30 years ago! After seeing Dr. Kiefat for only one week the pain in my arm was gone. After two weeks, no more headaches. I am sleeping more soundly and waking up more rested.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kiefat to anyone who has any head, neck, shoulder or back pain. You shouldn’t have to “just live with the pain”.

Debra Hammond

The help I have received since beginning chiropractic treatment 3 months ago is simply great! It is such a pleasure to be able to once again do the tasks I did before “my troubles began”! I was not able to reach upwards or lift items I once had without a great deal of pain in my arms and shoulders. Thanks to the “sessions” at the Heartland Clinic. I now feel like a new person!

Dorothy A. Holte

For years I have suffered from upper back and neck pain. The pain became so severe that I could not even be touched on my upper back or neck areas. Six months prior to being treated by Dr. Kiefat, the pain had progressed into my shoulder, and eventually I started to drop things I was holding in my hands. After seeing Dr. Kiefat, I have almost total relief from the pain in my neck, upper back and shoulder. Not only am I not dropping things anymore, but also Dr. Kiefat made my condition better without the aid of prescription drugs.

Lee Marifjeren

In November of 2001 I fell off of a chair hanging a picture. At that time I had a dislocated shoulder. I went to the out patient clinic, had x-rays, and it showed that the shoulder bone was dislocated. I then had that put back in place and I was in pain. After is was put in place, I had it in a sling for 2 weeks, still in a lot of pain. So the early part of December I went to the Doctor again. She ordered an M.R.I. At that time the x-ray showed a complete tear in the rotator cuff. I than had physical therapy 3 times a week until march 27, 2002. Then two more surgeries to fix the shoulder. I still had a lot of pain but kept on with therapy for 3 years. Than in April of this year, the teacher I worked with (Mrs. Debbie Hammond) said that she was going to this new Doctor at Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic. She was getting so much good from him. She asked me if I would like to go and see if he could relieve some of my pain. I said yes. So, in April of this year, I went to Dr Daniel Kiefat. I had my first treatment on April 23rd of this year. After the treatment the first one I had no pain. I have been pain free since my first treatment. I do my exercises and I am feeling fine. I would recommend any9one with a lot of pain to see chiropractic and see what he could do for them. I am so very pleased and thankful for all that Dr. Kiefat has done for me.

Ruth McGregor

For the last 10 years, I’ve had middle back problems which caused me to have shortness of breath and upper arm pain. I had seen three different chiropractors in the last year, they gave me relief for only a short time. Dr. Kiefat at the Heartland Clinic found what the problem areas were and more with x-rays. Among the all the improvements, the one’s that impress me the most is the ability to breath with out pain, the ability to sleep through the night, and being able to walk longer strides. I have and will continue to recommend with Heartland Clinic with their extended care.

Darlene J.