Does Chiropractic Work?

Absolutely! Here are some findings from studies done by chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons…

Low-Back Pain Gone!

Harvard Medical School Health Letter - Sept. 1990“Chiropractic treatment of low back pain, which affects 75 million Americans, is superior to the standard regimen administered by medical doctors, a major British study has concluded. “Chiropractic almost certainly confers worthwhile long-term benefit in comparison with hospital outpatient management,” said Dr. T.W. Meade, a British medical doctor who headed the study conducted at 11 hospitals and chiropractic clinics.”

Federal Medical Study Endorses Chiropractic for Back Pain - US Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research

December 8, 1994 - A panel of 23 doctors headed by Dr. Stanley Bigos, MD, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, studied 3,900 medical articles on low back pain. Their conclusions were that “Chiropractor’s manipulation of the spine was more helpful than any of the following: traction, massage, biofeedback, acupuncture, injection of steroids into the spine, back corsets, and ultrasound.” Surgery was beneficial only in 1 out of 100 cases!

Migraine Headaches Gone!

In Australia, the federal government commissioned a study to determine if chiropractic care was effective in treating migraine headaches. 85 patients who had suffered from migraines for an average of 19 years were divided into three groups. One group received chiropractic treatment, and the other two groups received traditional medical therapy.

All three groups reported some relief, but the chiropractic group reported superiority on all levels studied!

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